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    I’m delighted to recommend Andrei Olteanu for the next step in his career. I had the chance to work one and a half year with him, and I have to tell that Andrei is one of the most passionate, product focused and dedicated developer I’ve worked with. Andrei engages himself in all the latest technologies and solutions by diving into articles and open source projects. Besides his technical knowledge he also have a good eye on the UI/UX perspective of an app. I thoroughly enjoyed collaborating with him at Halcyon Mobile.

    Magyarosi BotondiOS Tech Lead at Halcyon Mobile

    Andrei is one of the best developers I've ever worked with. He has proven deep expertise not only on technical matters but also on solutions that brings the product he was working on into a much better shape. Humble, proactive, ambitious, committed, capable of improving the atmosphere around him for everyone. An excellent technical mind and a team player. Through the time spent at Halcyon Mobile I was impressed by his manner of doing a his job. Absolutely someone I'd want to to have on my team!

    Kacso GellertAndroid Team Lead at Halcyon Mobile

    I could recommend Andrei as a person with profound knowledge of iOS Development which strives to do better every day. He's got analytical and problem solving abilities which makes him a result driven person. Detail oriented and focused on quality, I could always rely on him to deliver what we agreed upon. He’s definitely a team player, always maintains very good relation with co-workers and clients. I absolutely would recommend him as iOS Developer.

    Florin MititicaProject Manager | PMP